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Eagle Roofing Company

About Eagle Roofing Company

Eagle Roofing Products was created as a division of Burlingame Industries in the fall of 1989. They are a family-owned organization based out of California. Throughout the years they have established manufacturing plants in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as Stockton, California, and Sumterville, Florida.

Their concrete roofing tiles are produced with natural products – sand, cement, water and iron oxide. This combination of materials creates resilient tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions. With manufacturing locations across the United States, their research and development teams have tested the durability of their products against extreme heat, freeze/thaw conditions, and high winds.

Product Line

Eagle Roofing’s concrete tiles are made from natural materials which makes them environmentally friendly. The non-toxic raw ingredients can be recycled and reused in manufacturing. Their product line includes:
  • Bel Air
    • Flat Tiles
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Double Eagle Bel Air
    • Smooth surface with a split tile appearance
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Golden Eagle
    • A wood shake look with a flat surface and a partial broom swept texture
    • Mainly used in French Provincial, Cozy Cottage, and Coastal Home styles
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Ponderosa
    • Durable and affordable alternative to natural wood shake
    • Has a rustic wood appearance with textured shadow lines
    • Mainly used in Prairie, Craftsman, and Bungalow styles
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Capistrano
    • Most traditionally recognized of Eagle’s products
    • High S-profile tile
    • Widely used on residential, commercial, military, and institutional buildings
    • Commonly used in Spanish or Italian styles
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Malibu
    • A blend of Contemporary and Mediterranean styles
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide

Benefits and Certifications

There are many benefits to Eagle Roofing’s concrete tiles. Tested and certified in wind resistance and impact damage, Eagle Roofing’s products are an ideal choice for homeowners, insurance companies, and roofing companies. Eagle Roof Tile is a Class A choice to protect your home and personal property. When installed correctly, concrete tiles require little maintenance or repairs. The average lifespan of these tiles is 75 years.

Eagle Roofing has successfully tested its tiles against a number of naturally occurring weather conditions. Their tiles pass freeze/thaw conditions and exceed current seismic load requirements. The company has successfully tested hurricane-force winds of up to 180mph in Miami-Dade. The impact resistance of their products is rated to be on par or better than their competitors. Eagle Roofing is certified to resist hail stones up to 2” per FM 4473.

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