Roof Tile Glazing

Find your tile but can’t find the right color? We offer a professional tile glazing service to match the color on your roof. Your roof tile color fades and becomes distressed over time due to sunlight, rain, hail, and other weather effects. For best results, it is necessary to send in a sample of your tile to color match what’s on your roof after prolonged weathering has aged the tile.  With our process, the glazing on your tile comes with a 10-year guarantee against paint damage. 

Our 5 Step Process

  1. Color Matching
    1. Matching the color of the tile can be completed in two different ways. The first option is choosing from one of the stock colors we have in-house, which leads to faster lead times. If one of our stock colors will not satisfy the order, then we will have to send out the sample to get a custom color created. This typically leads to a longer lead time, approximately 2-3 weeks in total. 
  2. Cleaning
  1. We clean are tile with Alberson’s RTC500 roof cleaner. This is a product specially designed roof tile cleaning that is not only effective at cleaning the tile but helps prevent future debris or algae build-up. 
  1. Hydro-Bond Primer  
    1. This product helps prime the tile for the coloring process. It is necessary to prime the tile so that the paint is most effectively applied to withstand rain, hail, and debris.
  2. Hydro-Sheen Paint
    1. This is the part of the process where paint is applied, which varies depending on the color-match to be completed. For a single-color match, 2 coats of paint are applied, and then the tile is ready for the final step. 
    2. If the color-match has flashings involved, 2 base coats are applied, then the flashings are applied once the second base coat has dried.  
  3. Hydro-Shield Clear Coat
    1. A clear coat of “shield” is applied to ensure your tile is protected from the weather. This helps keep the quality of the paint applied for a much longer time compared to if the paint weren’t given a shield.  

Our company works together with industry professionals to ensure that the quality of your tile glaze is as close to your original tile as possible.


*There is a minimum of 20 tiles necessary for us to complete a paint job.

  • 20-49 Pieces 
    • 1 Color, $10 per piece
    • 2 Colors, $11 per piece
    • 3 Colors, $12 per piece
  • 50 Pieces or more
    • 1 Color, $8 per piece
    • 2 Colors, $9 per piece
    • 3 Colors, $10 per piece

*All sales on Custom Glazing services are final. The roof tile may be returned at the price of the tile itself, with a 25% restocking fee applied. 

Any questions about Custom Glazing, please contact our office for more information or a quote on Roof Tile Glazing.

Office Phone: 407.366.2521