Before placing an order or contacting our office, please email pictures of your tile to our Free Tile Identification Service.

Our Company

Here at All Points Tile and Slate, we specialize in procuring rare and discontinued roof tile to help service industry professionals and homeowners alike in being able to find material and have their roof repaired. Our companies’ knowledgeable staff is specially trained in identifying tile from various profiles, materials, manufacturers, and locations around the world. We even offer custom glazing to return the original aesthetic to the tile, even decades after being manufactured. 

Included in storing rare and discontinued tiles, we provide our customers with many options of currently in-production concrete and clay roof tiles to service their needs for repairs, or complete roof replacement. We have an expansive collection of roof tiles manufactured in several different continents, and even dating back to the 19th century! Our collection includes several popular styles such as Villa, Spanish, French, Shake, Mission Barrel and Modern. With our extensive inventory of high-quality concrete and clay tile, as well as long history of working with homeowners to find the perfect roof for their home, we can design custom blends to create a unique and beautiful aesthetic. With a growing inventory of over 445,000 pieces of tile, we aim to satisfy our current and future customers with the material they need for the best roof in the area!

While our location is in Oviedo, Florida, we work in a much larger area than simply the Central Florida region. We service customers located in Jacksonville, Sarasota, Tampa, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach and many more areas. With in-house delivery, we can fulfill deliveries much quicker and safer than other carriers, with a more personalized delivery experience, giving customers peace of mind on the status of their delivery. 

We here at All Points Tile and Slate are dedicated to serving our customers with the best inventory, knowledge of rare roof tile, and accommodations for acquiring the material as fast as possible to fill all our customers needs.