Our Company

All Points Tile & Slate® began its evolution in January 1979 when William Penn Marshall entered the roofing industry in Central Florida as the operations manager for an established contractor. Shortly after that, the first exposure to clay tile roofing sparked a keen interest in clay products. Due to the durable, versatile, historical, and beautiful characteristics of clay roof tile, a dream unfurled into the passion of what All Points Tile & Slate is today. Our companies knowledgeable staff is capable of identifying hundreds of different types of tile, assisting them is also a broad network of roofing professionals who are located all across the United States and abroad that have decades of experience. Many clay roof tiles are still manufactured in the same way they were hundreds of years ago. Modern machines and electricity have made the manufacturing process more precise and much more expeditious. The oldest known clay roof is near 5000 years old; our goal is to make ours last even longer!

There are also many styles of clay roof tile. A few of the popular styles include Mission Barrel, Flemish style, Spanish style, French style, Shake style, and Slate style. The surface of Clay tiles is almost as varied as the styles. Ceramic Glazed tile offers every color in the spectrum, and sheens from super gloss to satin matte.

That’s where All Points Tile & Slate comes in, we are also capable of doing custom Roof Tile blends for clients. This allows the client and roofer to see exactly how the roof will look when complete. Our experts guide the roofer on how to blend the tiles so that the roof has a perfect consistency. All Points Tile & Slate carries roof tiles across the world from Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, France, United States, Italy and beyond.

Not only do we carry across the world, but our roof tiles also look out for our planet by being environmentally friendly. Several of the clay roof tiles we offer are energy efficient due to their insulation capabilities in both warm and cold climates. Another critical factor is that the clay roofing is fireproof. Clay can withstand most exposure to weather elements, and one of the most appealing characteristics is that clay does not fade. Most other products available today cannot make this claim. A clay roof will age and patina but not fade to another color, thus the extensive use of clay tiles in European countries where the architecture is very distinct to each region.

Our stock consists of a wide variety of both new and “Vintage” concrete and clay tiles which are organized in our Boneyard for easy access and convenience for you. All Points Tile & Slate provides only the most excellent quality tiles which are capable of withstanding the tests of time for hundreds of years to come.

We provide clay roof tile for projects in all “four corners” of the U.S. (North, South, East, and West), thus how our name (All Points Tile & Slate) and logo (The Compass Rose) were envisioned. We have tiles that originate from five different continents.

Our passion for clay continues as we expand our product knowledge, product lines, the network of manufacturers, and clientele. We have just recently incorporated a tile identifier and locator service at a nominal fee, for Insurance Companies and other Distributors.

The staff at All Points Tile & Slate is very knowledgeable and can assist in selecting new roof tiles as well as locating a specific tile for repairs.