Before placing an order or contacting our office, please email pictures of your tile to our Free Tile Identification Service.

Tile Identification

If you would like help identifying your tile, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please provide a clear picture of the front, and back (logo visible) with measurements included (place measuring tape on tile and include in photos).

If you cannot remove tile from the roof, take pictures that clearly show the interlocking system. This may be found by finding tiles that have slid down to expose the interlock, or tiles that have been chipped on the corners allowing the interlock to be seen.

If neither of these methods are available, place a tape measure on the tile showing the width, take a photo of the bottom of the tile to show the interlock, and capture a wider view of the roof showing what Hip, Ridge, and Rake tile that compliments the course material.

Here are example photos representing each scenario:

You may submit up to 6 photos.

Here is an example of what your photos should look like:

Example Photos:

To guarantee an accurate identification, we will either need a physical sample, or pictures clearly representing the front and back of the tile, with measurements included. Without this, we can still provide a courtesy identification, but we cannot assume responsibility if the incorrect material is purchased. It is assumed the contact has verified identification based on our services.

Please email all tile ID Requests to [email protected]