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Eagle Capistrano

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Eagle is Peace of Mind

  • USA Owned. USA Made.
  • Tile is tested to the highest standards in the industry for fire, high-wind, hail and freeze-thaw protection
  • Products are affordable and environmentally friendly

A high S-profile tile, our Capistrano is semi-cylindrical and is the most traditionally recognized of all tile profiles. While you may think a Capistrano tile roof is suitable for only Spanish or Italian architecture, it offers stunning good looks that work well with any style, as it pairs nicely with stucco, stone, or brick siding. It is used widely on residential, commercial, military, and institutional buildings throughout the United States.

Eagle’s high and medium barrel shaped profiles exude rich colors, unmatched aesthetics, and timeless elegance. Whether you are looking to emulate the authentic look of Spanish tile in the Old World or wish for a more contemporary style while mirroring the Mediterranean appearance found in the roofscapes of Italy, France, and Greece; you can rest assured that your curb appeal will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.

Concrete roof tile never looked so good.

Fire Tested – Eagle Roof Tile is a Class A roof covering that will protect your home and personal property

Hail/Impact Tested – Concrete roof tile stands up to hail, as well as or better than, any other roofing product. Some insurance companies offer discounted premiums for houses with tile roofs because of its impact resistance.

High Wind Tested – Installed correctly, Eagle Roof Tile can survive the strongest storms and harshest weather. Eagle tile is tested and approved for use in the Miami Dade high velocity hurricane zone, withstanding sustained winds of up to 180mph.

*Freeze Thaw Protection – Eagle Roof Tile passes Freeze-Thaw requirements. *Excludes color bonded/slurry tiles.


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12.375 × 17.25 in