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HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter

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Utility: The Hytile Cutter for Roof Tile is a unique device designed to cut concrete or clay roof tiles for hips, ridges, valleys, headwalls, chimneys, etc. This device offers several benefits to the user, but most importantly, it virtually eliminates the production of a dangerous mineral called crystalline silica (silica dust). This mineral is potentially fatal when inhaled, with increased risk under prolonged exposure. Conventionally, a saw or grinder would be used to cut roof tile but these methods of cutting tile require water, full face respirator or a vacuuming system to prevent the inhalation of silica dust.  The innovation that the Hytile Cutter provides is that it cuts tile using a striking method with virtually no production of silica dust. Without the production of this potentially deadly mineral, the need for water, respirator or vacuum applications is eliminated, resulting in healthy and happy workers.

Simplicity: In addition to eliminating life-threatening silica exposure, the Hytile Cutter does not require electricity to operate (no extension cord to trip over). It is designed to work solely through manual power (no hearing protection can hear what going on around you), which means there is no reliance on batteries, outlets or generators. In addition to using no electricity, the Hytile Cutter requires much less maintenance than a circular saw. Concrete and clay tiles can quickly dull expensive diamond blades, requiring frequent replacement increasing the cost of material. Not only does the use of a saw produce silica dust, but it increases the risk of dangerous injuries because of the running blade. The Hytile Cutter uses no running blades, which makes for a much safer workplace.

Safety: Conventional methods of cutting roof tile can be dangerous and costly. Along with reducing trip, slip and fall risks, the Hytile Cutter is quieter than a running saw, or a blower to clear the decking of silica dust. This makes it more practical to communicate on the roof with fellow workers, eliminating the need for hearing protection.

Sustainability: Something less thought about, but just as important the Hytile Cutter’s is a more environmentally friendly device for completing roof work. With there being no carbon emissions during use, or tools or parts needing frequent replacement like a saw blade, the Hytile Cutter defines itself as a minimalist tool that aims to minimize risks and emissions and Maximize profits and productivity. With the roofing industry projected to grow in the state of Florida, it is important to do our part in embracing a more sustainable means of building towards the future!

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