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Crown Sanibel

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Sanibel roof tiles are known for a high barrel that reflects a traditional style of great elegance. This roof tile adds visual texture to roofs, making it an ideal product for large projects


Impact Resistance and Durability: Concrete roof tiles provide resistance and durability offering a product that will last for a lifetime.

Fire Safe Product: All CROWN roof tiles are rated Class A per ASTM E108 Standards – the highest fire rating protection available, allowing homeowners to reduce insurance premium costs.

Water-Proof System: A highly compacted product covered by a protective coating creates a low permeability tile, which has an “Inter-Lock” assembly system that reduces water filtrations to the roof.

Thermal Insulation: A reflective coating that covers the roof tiles as well as an air cushion generated between the tile and the roof, provide insulation to the structure, which will translate into lower energy costs.

UV Protection for Roof Covering: Your roof covering will be protected against harmful UV rays and weather elements extending the longevity of the structure while reducing maintenance costs overtime.

Roof Components and Standard Trim: CROWN has all the necessary components needed to produce a professional and beautiful roof installation that will provide a consistent look throughout the project.

Natural and Friendly to the Environment: Our proximity to our natural raw materials, having a low fuel intensive production process, and our central location in the market make our concrete roof tiles an environment friendly product


Standard Color-Thru: Roof tiles produced with one or more color tones blended in the process

Premium Color-Thru: Roof tiles produced with the Standard Color Thru system using a greater amount of color and/or higher priced color pigments.

Slurry: Application of a color oxide paste, mixed with cement and applied on the roof tile surface following extrusion.

Custom Blends: Group of two or more colors blended naturally in the mixture


  • ASTM C-67 Freeze/Thaw Test
  • ASTM C-1492
  • ASTM E330-97 Standard Test Method for Structural Performance

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 17 in

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