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Crown Roofing

About Crown Roof Tiles

Crown Roof Tiles is an international construction-materials company servicing the United States, England, Scotland, and Mexico. Crown Roof Tiles has manufacturing plants in Monterrey, Mexico, and Arcadia Florida, and other facilities in the United States, Great Britain, and Mexico.

With 50 years of experience, they have expanded their portfolio to include concrete and clay tile products. Part of the inclusion of concrete roof tiles was due to the acquisition of Russell Roof Tiles in late 2011. Russell Roof Tiles was founded in 1892 in Great Britain and provided roof tiles and fittings for commercial and residential buildings since 1965.

Product Line

  • Sanibel
    • High barrel
    • Reflects elegant styles with visual textures
    • 17” long x 13 1/4″ wide
  • Tuscany
    • Soft curves
    • Reflects classic European style
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Windsor Slate
    • Flat tile with smooth surface
    • Traditionally used in ancient European castles
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Windsor Split Slate
    • Flat tile with a division in the center
    • Reflects a contemporary European cottage style
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Windsor Shake
    • Flat roof tile with vertical wood grain texture
    • Provides a natural aesthetic
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Windsor Split Shake
    • Flat roof tile with a division in the center to give the impression of smaller individual tiles
    • Provides a Eurpean country aesthetic
    • 17” long x 13” wide

Four Color Options in Warm, Luminous, Natural and Shadow options through the following categories:

  • Standard Color-thru
    • One or more color tone blend
  • Premium Color-thru
    • Deeper color saturation
  • Slurry
    • Color oxide paste mixed with cement
  • Custom Blends
    • Two or more colors blended naturally with the mixture

Benefits and Certifications

One of the greatest benefits in using Crown Roof Tiles is that all of their tiles are Class A rated per ASTM E108 standards. Tiles are also ASTM C-67 Freeze/Thaw, ASTM C-1492, and ASTM E330-97 Standard Test Method for Structural Performance. Through these, Crown Roof Tiles meet ASTM and ICBO international quality standards. Confident in their products, all tiles have a “Lifetime Warranty Subject to Restrictions”.

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If you are looking for a particular style for your home or business, Crown Roof Tiles are an optimal choice as they can be used in various ways to achieve your desired look. We hope you find the style you are looking for in our available selection of Crown tiles. Contact us today for a quote and more information!