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Alberson’s Hydrosheen (Roof Tile Paint)

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Can be used to restore roof tile to its factory color, or be used as an alternative to coloring roofing mortar with oxide.

Ask for available color options or custom coloring

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THE HYDRO-SHEEN Tile Roof Glaze System provides excellent algae resistance and superior durability over concrete and natural clay roof tiles, point-up, lead boots, flashing, and vents. Its high level of top quality polymers provide an outstanding appearance that reflects sunlight and the penetration of damaging ultraviolet radiation. Tinted to match any color, guaranteed not to noticeably fade for a period of five years, HYDRO-SHEEN™ Tile Roof Glaze is also very effective in containing efflorescence.

DIRECTIONS: HYDRO-SHEEN™ Tile Roof Glaze is best applied by airless spray. An airless spray of at least 1/2 gallon per minute capacity is recommended for best results. Use a .015 or .017 tip. Apply one coat of Alberson’s Hydro Bond. Apply two full color coats of HYDRO-SHEEN™ Tile Roof Glaze with both coats applied in a cross hatch pattern to overlap.

Apply one coat of HYDRO-SHEEN™ Tile Roof Glaze, Clear.

NOTE: Clean all tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use.

CAUTION: Do not apply when rain is imminent. Do no apply to surfaces below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not freeze. High humidity or cold Temperatures can significantly slow the drying time. As with any product, residues from trees and overhanging foliage may discolor the glaze. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Close container after each use. Keep out of reach of children. Use with adequate ventilation.