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Pioneering Towards a Greener Future

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At All Points Tile and Slate we’re doing our part to progress towards a more environmentally friendly roofing industry.

Over the past several decades there has been an emphasis placed on companies to reduce the CO2 emissions they produce to help preserve environmental qualities such as air, water, land and climate. Manufacturers in the roofing industry are tirelessly working to innovate their manufacturing processes, as well as the products themselves to last longer and reflect more sunlight while still withstanding the destructive powers of wind, hail, rain and fire.

While it is crucial to create the best possible product available as a manufacturer, we here at All Points Tile and Slate feel like we play a critical role in progressing towards a more environmentally friendly roofing industry. Our focus is on salvaging quality roof tiles to help service our customers’ capability of repairing their roofs by reusing material, rather than replacing it before its lifespan has expired.

In many instances, there are only a few broken tiles on a roof made of thousands of pieces of tile, which means very little is needed to prevent a substantial environmental cost required to create the material to replace a roof that has no leaks. Not only would there be harmful emissions created during production, but it would also unnecessarily fill precious space in our limited landfills. Understanding this is what drives us to maintain the capacity to identify, procure, color-match, store and deliver roof tile to local, national and international customers in need!

These five objectives not only help move the roofing industry in a more environmentally friendly direction, but also provide convenient and expeditious means for contractors to finish their jobs, and for customers to have peace of mind knowing their roofs have been repaired sooner than later. For example, in the event of a customer needing a complete roof replacement, there is often material left over from the job. We provide complimentary pick-ups of the roof tile to ensure this material doesn’t end up in a landfill and to save contractors time and money, eliminating their need to figure out how to get the material off the property.

Another example would be the Custom Glazing Service we offer to more accurately match the color a client may need. Sometimes, complete roof replacements may be necessary if the replacement material doesn’t return the roof to the equivalent quality it possessed before damage incurred. This is why we offer in-house custom glazing of our material, to provide an indistinguishable look between pre-existing and replacement material.

As you can see, All Points Tile and Slate is dedicated to providing a seamless experience between roofing professionals and property owners in acquiring the right material they need, as well as staying up to date with the greener standards set upon our industry, hoping to pioneer towards a better future.

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