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Redland Clay Tile

Brief History of Redland Clay Tile

Redland Clay Tile is a manufacturer of clay roof tiles. Formed in 1990, the company continues to maintain a philosophy that 100 percent natural clay roof tile would be the only tile crafted by Redland. Based on historically hand-crafted clay tiles, the company manufactures their product lines with a perfectly imperfect precision. This allows each tile to have variations in color, texture, and shape which evoke an old-world traditional style.

Currently Redland Clay Tile is headquartered in San Diego, California. The company is a member of national associations dedicated to creating standards and formats to improve construction documents. Miami-Dade County has approved Redland’s product control over their clay tile products.

Product Line

  • Two-Piece Mission
    • Barrel Roof Tile
    • Genreally a classic terracotta colors that range out to peach or buff blends on the lighter side and darker brown or sandstone on the darker side of the color spectrum .
    • 20” long x 8.5” wide
  • Two-Piece Mission Sandcast
    • Associated with historic California Adobe Ranch, Mission, Santa Barbara Andalusian and Spanish Colonial Revival styles.
    • The color palette has classic terra cotta blends but also includes tiles with darker browns and flashed pale pinto golds.
    • 20” long x 8.5” wide
  • Alfaro “S” Tile
    • Color range from deep greens to light tans to terra cotta,
    • 18” long x 10” wide
  • Baja Mission
    • smaller profile
    • styles inspired by the indigenous architecture of the Mediterranean.
    • colors range from classic terra cotta to soft peach and buff.
    • 17.5” long x 6.75” wide
  • Baja Mission Sandcast
    • Smaller tile hand-finished with a rustic mud wash.
    • Inspired by the pastoral regions of Italy and Spain, Baja Mission Sandcast enhances historic old-world styles.
    • colors range from classic terra cotta to soft peach and buff and includes flashes of dark, mossy-greens, pinto golds and sandstone.
    • 17.5” long x 6.75” wide
  • Roman Pan
    • traditional barrel tile shapes that incorporated a flat pan underneath the barrel-shape
    • Monumental architecture style in ancient Greece.
    • 17.75” long x 11” wide
  • Junipero
    • Junipero’s thick body and collar with high barrel crown
    • Spanish Colonial Revival and Adobe Ranch architectural roofstyles of the 20s and 30s.
    • traditional earthen red colors and subtle sun-drenched golden flashes.
    • 16.75” long x 7” wide
  • Cambridge Shingle
    • Named after the quaint, historic east coast college town where Georgian style architecture abounds and Harvard University and MIT were founded,
    • Rough-hewn front edges and a sandcast finish
    • color palette available consists of dark browns, light tans and deep reds, creating rustic, earthy blends.
    • 15” long x 6.75” wide

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