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Monier LifeTile

Monier LifeTiles are a concrete-based roofing tile made by Monier Lifetile LLC. They were the predominant manufacturer of cement-based tiles in Southern Florida and elsewhere in the United States. In 1997, Monier, Inc., Boral, and Redland PLC combined to form Monier LifeTile. Monier LifeTile LLC was later purchased by Boral USA in 2010.

LifeTile comes in standard weight and lightweight options and product lines to fit almost any style of home or business. Lightweight is generally 6lbs per square foot standard. All LifeTile products pass Class “A” requirements and are completely incombustible. The product lines of LifeTile are:

  • Espana
    • Made on a production line.
    • Good for Spanish-style roofing.
    • 17” long x 12-⅜” wide
  • Saxony Slate
  • Saxony Shake
  • Saxony Split Old English Thatch
  • Villa
  • Barcelona
  • Boasted Barcelona
  • Madera

The physical similarities between the Espana LifeTile line and average slate or shake tiles is minimal. The main differences are tile height, number of tiles per square at the headlap, and approximate weight per square at the 3” headlap.

LifeTiles can withstand the extreme weather conditions in Florida. They are made to last through scorching summer heat to the high intensity winds during hurricane season. These tiles have a wind resistance up to 80mph.

If you are looking for a particular style for your home or business, LifeTile concrete tiles are an optimal choice as they can be used in various ways to achieve your desired look. We hope you find the style you are looking for in our available selection of Monier LifeTiles. Contact us today for a quote and more information!