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Monier Concrete Tiles

Monier Tile is an Australian-based company with over 100 years worth of experience providing roofing options to Australia and New Zealand. Monier focuses on providing cost-effective, stylish, and long-lasting roofing options to keep homes and families safe from extreme weather conditions. They supply traditional terracotta, concrete, Colour-lock (C-Loc), and solar tiles across the globe. All Points Tile & Slate offers a selection of Monier concrete tiles for homeowners, roofers, and roofing companies to choose from!

Monier Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are one of the most economical roofing materials. Tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are one of the most durable materials against extreme heat, heavy rain, and high winds. As a porous material, concrete will not rust or corrode near salt water or ocean air. This makes concrete tile roofing an optimal choice for Florida homes!

With the ability to be formed into all types of shapes, sizes, and colors, concrete tiles can be used in commercial and residential applications. They require a minimum slope of 3:12 (rise 3 inches every 12 inches) for flat and curved tiles. Color lasts longer with Monier C-loc technology and mixing color pigments with the concrete during the shaping process. Concrete tiles keep their color for longer and are generally low maintenance unless color fades from cement-based pigments added after tile installation.

All Points Tile & Slate offers many pre-formed styles of concrete tiles from Monier including, but not limited to:

  • Atlantis
  • Capri
  • Elabana
  • Saxony
  • Vanguard

Pros to Concrete Tiles

There are many benefits to choosing concrete tiles. With a general life expectancy between 30 – 50 years, they are one of the longest-lasting roofing materials available. The composition of concrete tiles makes connections to solar panels and tiles an easier task for professionals than other tile choices such as steel or terracotta. Concrete tiles are easier to repair as you do not generally need to replace the entire roof for a damaged tile but lift the overlapping tiles instead. It is advised to call a professional with all roofing repairs. With a wind resistance of up to 180MPH, concrete tiles also do not corrode or rust near saltwater areas and are naturally UV resistant, making them an ideal choice for beachside homes and businesses.

Concrete tiles are an economic choice with their cost range, recyclability, and energy efficiency. All Points Tile & Slate offers Monier concrete tiles for as low as $20.00. Tiles are made from recycled materials and can be broken down to be repurposed in further applications when replaced. Their energy efficiency comes from their low heat transferability which keeps your roof cool in summer and warm in winter. Naturally resistant to fire, concrete tiles have a Class A fire rating which is the highest rating available for roofing materials.

Cons of Concrete Tiles

With all of the benefits of concrete tiles, there are downsides to keep in mind when opting for this choice of material. Primarily, it is important to know that concrete tiles are heavier than many other roofing options. They generally weigh 1.5 – 4x more than asphalt shingles. Reinforcement for the framing structure of the home or business may need to be implemented to compensate for the added weight.
Though generally a low-maintenance option, regular cleaning and color fade may occur. In areas with continuous rainfall, the water absorption of the concrete may secrete a chalky white substance that will need to be cleaned regularly. In the case of color fading, you will need to check the life expectancy of the cement-based pigments added after the installation if the color was not included in the tile-forming stage.
Concrete tiles are brittle under pressure and walking on the roof may cause tiles to crack. It is important to tread carefully or hire a professional to examine any repairs that may be needed. These tiles also require a technical installation where tiles need to be cut to specific shapes and installed in a particular pattern to ensure the roof works properly and achieves the desired look.

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If you are looking for a particular style for your home or business, concrete tiles are an optimal choice as they can be used in various ways to achieve your desired look. We hope you find the style you are looking for in our available selection of Monier tiles. Contact us today for a quote and more information!