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Entegra Tiles

Entegra concrete roof tiles and trims have been manufactured in Okeechobee, FL, and used in roofing construction for 25 years. While in production the company was an award-winning manufacturer of the year by the South Florida Manufacturers Association. They provided lightweight and heavy construction options for use in residential and commercial building. Entegra was acquired by Boral in July 2016.

A Green/Eco Friendly company, Entegra strives to remain environmentally conscious, focusing on using recycled and natural material to create their products. These materials include, sand, cement, water, natural pigment for color and water based sealers. Various Entegra products have been awarded an Energy Star Rating, meaning these products prevent excessive greenhouse emissions.

Product Line

Entegra tiles originally came in 81 color varieties that were applied during the manufacturing process. These included antique colors, flashing, and texture options. The styles of roofing tiles made by Entegra are Estate, Bella, Plantation, Galena, Bermuda, and Valencia Spanish S lines.

  • Estate
    • Made on a production line.
    • Good for Mediterranean-style roofing.
    • Most popular Entegra product.
    • Appears as low-profile, double roll tile
    • 16-½” long x 13” wide.
  • Bella
    • Made on a production line.
    • Manufactured to simulate traditional cap and pan tile.
    • Brings your roof an old-world architectural style.
    • Largest profile in Entegra collection.
    • 16-½” long x 13-¼” wide.
  • Plantation
    • Made on a production line.
    • Used for contemporary styles
    • Comes in various textures including Smooth, Tapered Shake and Slate Like finishes.
    • Arguably the most “Contemporary” style from Entegra’s portfolio.
  • Galena
    • Made on a production line.
    • Smaller design meant to mimic hand-crafted Spanish architecture.
    • 17” long x 10” wide
  • Bermuda
    • Made on a production line.
    • Smaller design for a more handcrafted appearance.
    • Follows the traditional flat-style roofs found in the Caribbean and the Southeast United States.
    • This product comes in Broom Swept and Smooth finishes.
    • 17” long x 10” wide
  • Valencia Spanish S
    • Made on a production line.
    • Entegra’s original offering for a Spanish architecture inspired roof tile.
    • This product was discontinued in replacement of the Galena.
    • 18” long x 10-¼” wide

In addition to tiles, Entegra also offers various trim tiles and accessories that are oxidized to color the mortar. They also have a selection of metals to compliment the look of the tile. Some of the shapes that Entegra has are:

  • Barrel
  • Rounded Rake
  • V-Ridge
  • Thick Butts


Along with 5 profiles being offered at one time, Entegra also offered over 20 “Antique” color options, and over 24 textures. Entegra applies a “Black Flash” to their tiles in random order to create an antiquing effect that can give the home a personal touch that stands out from the crowd.


Entegra tiles come in 5 tile designs which offer a unique aesthetic due to their array of color and texture that compliment any structure. There are 27 colors to choose from within the Entegra tile line. Different colors in the Entegra tile line are certified solar reflective tiles. They can reflect solar heat which is beneficial in the blistering heat of Florida summers.

Green technology is incorporated in the production of Entegra tiles to reduce the dumping of waste products during manufacturing. Made from natural materials, Entegra tiles are designed to create an insulated air gap which reduces energy consumption.

Entegra tiles are Class “A” fire rated. Concrete roof tile can be pressure washed to remove mold and algae, unlike asphalt shingles. This can leave a roof looking brand new or prepare it to be custom glazed to give your home a fresh and desirable appearance.


When produced, Entegra Roof Tiles, like all other cement products experience the effect of efflorescence. This is a temporary condition on the surface of the tile common in all concrete products. This occurs from the chemical nature of cement, whether roof tile, or pavement. The visible result is where the tile appears chalky, or a shining effect. This effect is not permanent, but the rate at which it will wear away depends on the accumulation of chemical deposits of the tile as well as weather conditions. Rain water slowly removes this effect. Efflorescence does not affect the quality of the tile.

Mildew, moss, and stains can build up on concrete tiles due to the higher water absorption of concrete than clay. Surrounding trees and the proximity of the structure to bodies of water are also contributing factors. Luckily, roof tile can be cleaned with power washing, and plant-safe cleaning agents. It is advised that all cleaning and maintenance of cement tile roofs be taken delicately and with the assistance of a professional roofing company.

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If you are looking for a particular style for your home or business, Entegra concrete tiles are an optimal choice as they can be used in various ways to achieve or repair your desired look. We hope you find the style you are looking for in our available selection of Entegra tiles. Contact us today for a quote and more information!