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Boral Roofing

About Boral Roofing

Boral began as an oil refinery business in Australia in February 1946. Throughout the decades they have partnered and acquired a number of companies and different industries across Australia, Europe, and the United States. Boral manufactures a wide range of construction materials, quarry products, cement, concrete, asphalt, and recycled materials. They have become the largest integrated construction materials company in Australia.

From the beginning, Boral has had an interest in international markets. In 1979 they acquired a 55% share of California Tile Inc. which was beginning to produce cement tiles for new builds in the state. With the number of fires affecting the standard timber roofing, Boral became interested in the new venture of fire-resistant materials. Standards for new construction changed in California and Boral bought California Tiles Inc. in 1980 to take advantage of the growing market.

Further expanding its concrete tile manufacturing, Boral acquired facilities in Lake Wales, Okeechobee, and Pompano Beach in Florida. Using locally sourced materials, they have supported the roofing industry in the area for over 60 years. Boral’s roof tile headquarters are located in Roswell, Georgia, and have design centers located in Fort Myers, Pompano, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida.

Recently, Boral acquired Headwaters Incorporated and has a 50% share in Meridian Brick. Meridian Brick has a further joint venture with Forterra Brick as of 2016. These acquisitions and joint ventures give Boral the opportunity to expand its product lines from clay and concrete roofing tiles to cladding, windows, and light building products.

Roofing Tile Product Line

  • Barcelona 900
    • High and medium tile profile
    • Distinctive mission tile appearance
    • Reflective of an old-world Spanish style
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Villa 900
    • High and medium tile profile
    • Reflective of a Mediterranean style seen in Italy and Southern France
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Saxony Slate
    • Low tile profile
    • Versatile for many styles, it is most commonly associated with styles found in England, Northern Europe, the Eastern seaboard of the United States
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Saxony Shake
    • Low tile profile
    • Rustic look that is reflective of French Country, Victorian Craftsman and Cottage styles
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Saxony Split-Shake
    • Low tile profile
    • Coarse and smooth patterns reflective of natural cedar roofing
    • 17” long x 13” wide
  • Madera 900
    • Low tile profile
    • 13-½” long x 13” wide

Benefits and Certifications

Boral roofing tiles are specifically designed and manufactured for new builds and re-roofing projects. All of their tiles are Class A rated in fire protection. Their products comply with all building codes and are not limited to ICC ERS-1647. Boral includes a fully transferable, non-prorated limited lifetime warranty on their tiles. Their tiles come in a wide variety of color options continuously developed to stay ahead of the evolving architectural styles in Florida.

There are 3 styles of housing in Florida that Boral identifies as its primary market.

  • Traditional – American adaptations of regional home styles from other regions of the world and time periods. These are often cross references.
    • Mediterannean
    • Tuscan
    • West Indies
    • Florida Old Style
    • French Country
  • Transitional – Identified by the clean lines of contemporary architecture with details and styling of traditional architecture.
    • French / Split Level
    • Prairie Style
    • Mixed Looks
  • Contemporary – Characterized by clean lines, open concepts, decoration, and ample light sources – including large windows.
    • Modern
    • Mid-Century Modern
    • Contemporary

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If you are looking for a particular style for your home or business, Boral Roofing tiles are an optimal choice as they can be used in various ways to achieve your desired look. We hope you find the style you are looking for in our available selection of Boral tiles. Contact us today for a quote and more information!